Canada was founded with small settlements all around and being located in Huntsville, we are proud to extend a little of Huntsville's history into our restaurant. On our walls we feature local artists and heritage moment photographs. The MILL contains actual tools used in the original Huntsville Planing Mill. The Mill was previously located directly behind our property, even though it is now a beautiful park.  The Planing Mill supplied the town of Huntsville with its lumber and we felt it needed to be represented within our community.  It provided income and revenue for many families and businesses.

We are proud of our history here at The Mill on Main and hope that you can come visit us to take just a few steps into the past with us.

For our management, chefs and owners to not pay homage to our history with our menu would be a shame. Just like in the good ol' days we make all our food from scratch. Using the best products to craft the local favorites we've become famous for. 

Although we're always looking back at our past we also like to move forward into the future. Please come join us to make The Mill on Main and Huntsville itself a place to be photographed so maybe in a hundred years we'll be all over the walls.





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